SKY Wallet Support will NEVER DM you or ask for your Secret Recovery Phrase or Private Key!

Help & Support

We’re here to help! We would suggest going through the FAQs below for any SKY Wallet related questions. If the FAQs don’t suffice- please reach out to us at - Please include your wallet’s public (solscan) address [do not share private key or secret phrase] and any other information that would help us help you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create my SKY Wallet?

Creating your SKY Wallet is super simple and takes less than 5 mins:
Step 1. Download SKY Wallet from the Play Store.
Step 2. Click on “Create New Wallet”
Step 3. Write down your secret phrase and store it safely -  never share it with anyone [including anyone from SKY Wallet]
Step 4. Set up your SKY App passcode - this is an additional layer of security on for your SKY App. Note: This is not your Wallet phrase or Private key.
Step 5: You’re Done! Your non-custodial SKY Wallet has been created.

I was scammed or hacked, can you help?

All transactions made on the blockchain are final and irreversible. The decentralized nature of blockchains means that SKY Wallet is unable to reverse or block  transactions once they have been made.

I connected to a malicious website and they stole my tokens!

If you connected to a website that sent you a malicious transaction, you should immediately go into Settings > Trusted Apps and Revoke access to that application. As long as you didn't give anyone your Secret Recovery Phrase or Private Key you should be safe once permission has been revoked.

I gave someone my Secret Recovery Phrase

If you shared your 12 or 24-word Secret Recovery Phrase with a scammer or pasted it into a phishing website, you should stop using this wallet immediately. The scammer now has complete control over your wallet.Always be careful and never trust anyone asking you to share your seed phrase under any circumstances. SKY support will NEVER ask you to do this. We advise that you stop using the hacked wallet immediately and create a new one. 

How do Token-Gated Broadcast Notifications in SKY Wallet work?

Token-Gated Broadcast Notifications are an industry-first method by SKY to ensure NFT creators can communicate & send notifications to their NFT holders using the SKY creator portal.

We’re currently working on Onboarding top NFT collections on SKY Wallet for this feature - if you’d like to use this feature for your NFT project - please send us an email at We’d be happy to collaborate!

How do Payment Links work in SKY Wallet?

Payment Links are another Industry-First feature introduced by SKY Wallet. Using SKY Wallet you can create a payment link for a specific amount [SOL or USDC], add details and a short message for the recipient and share the payment link.

The recipient will be able to open the Payment link on both Mobile and Web and pay using any Solana Wallet. Once paid - the amount will be credited in the SKY Wallet you used to create the specific Payment Link.

What are the fees of the in-app Swap in SKY Wallet?

The SKY Wallet charges a flat fee of 0.85% from all swaps done inside the SKY Wallet. SKY Wallet uses the Jupiter Aggregator to offer the best swap rates across all DEXs on Solana.