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SKY Wallet makes your Web3 Experience 10X better by sharing your NFT Collections with a single click and send custom payment links along with basic Wallet Functionalities.

Build credit in your college years
Get exclusive discounts
Master money and learn skills
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Built for multichain:


Show-off Your NFT Collections

Let your friends view the NFT gallery you want to show.

What's a Public Page?

With SKY Wallet- Create your public profile and share your NFTs with a single click.

You can curate and showcase the NFT gallery that you want to show.

How it works

  • Set Up Your Public Page

    Enter your display name and your bio

  • Personalize it

    Select your NFTs to show case

  • Hit Publish

    Publish and share your page with friends


Get Paid With Links

Share Payment link, Accept and Track Payments

Why should I invest?

Share payment link via Discord, Twitter DMs, Websites, etc. and get paid immediately.

Accepting & Tracking payments from Anons is now just a link away.


Find your tribe

Find others like you and leverage the power of networking

How can I find people on Yodaa+?

Just build a Public Profile listing things you're interested in on the Yodaa+ app, and then use the Discover feature to find others who share the same interests. Networking has never been easier.

What can I do once I have a network?

Whether you need a co-founder, bandmate, sounding board, or subject matter expert, chances are you’ll find someone on your Yodaa+ network. The Yodaa+ Card is your exclusive membership card to a community of smart people.

The Wallet Basics:
Done Better.

Send & Receive
Swap Tokens
NFT Collections
DApp Browser
Stake SOL
Send & Receive SLP Tokens

Track, send and receive your favourite tokens on the Solana Blockchain

Lightning-fast Swaps at low fees

Use the SKY Swap to safely swap tokens at the best price instantly.

The home your NFTs deserve

We’ve taken special care to make sure your NFTs look great!

Use your favourite DApps on the go

Browse and interact with your favourite DApps on the Solana blockchain

Earn SOL with a
couple clicks

Stake your Sol in an easy and intuitive flow that will only take you a few clicks.

Don't believe us. Listen to our college buds.

Ever since my mom showed me how credit scores work, I've wanted to start off my journey with money on the right foot. With Yodaa+, I already feel good about my financial future.

Varun Sebastian

SRM College of Engineering, Chennai (B.E. Electrical)

Managing my own money in college is a completely new world for me. All the tools provided in the Yodaa+ app have really helped me get on top of things!

Tia Shaw

Jain University, Bangalore (B.Com)

I got Yodaa+ because I needed a card in college, but I keep going back to the Skills section when I’m free just to see what new things I can learn about. Full props to the Yodaa team!

Arun Kumar

IIT, Mumbai (B.Tech Computer Science)

We’ve Got You Covered


We never have access to any of your data or funds. Ever.


We doesn’t track any personal identifiable information, account addresses, or asset balances.


Our code has been audited by Security Experts trusted by technology companies worldwide.


Protect your assets on the go with the convenience of biometric authentication.

Get Ready to Fly!

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