SKY Mandala NFT

SKY Mandala NFTs are floating in the Metaverse. Claim yours today! 

Each Mandala is unique and will give you access to future benefits and loyalty programs from partnerships and collaborations with various other projects by the SKY Wallet Team. These benefits would range from extra powers in your favourite Solana blockchain game, cosmetic effects in your favourite metaverse or discounts when you shop at your favourite merchant using SKY Wallet.


SKY Exclusive Membership
Premium Utility

How to mint a SKY Mandala

Download the SKY Wallet App

SKY is live on the Android Play Store

Create or Import a Wallet

You can import to SKY Wallet using Seed Phrase or Private Key

Mint Your SKY Mandala NFT

Go to NFT collections and mint your SKY Mandala for Free.

Get Ready to Fly!

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